Alexander's-Family-bwWe are a soon to be a family (baby is on its way) run business, mainly based from our very own tea bar & shop in Winchester called Alexander’s of Winchester.

We have a real passion for doing things differently and getting ahead of the game when it comes to the world of tea. Whether it’s creating a new blend or finding that best, new tea accessory, we aim to be at the forefront of this extraordinary world. Having our own tea bar and shop enables us to put what we preach into practice, allowing us to truly understand what customers enjoy and what the trends are within the tea arena.

We have created a range of blended teas that are each unique to us, and some are even a little quirky. Although some of the tea names might be familiar to you, we pride ourselves on using either a few blends from within the same tea categories or even blend it with a flavour that is a little different. We want to keep our range limited and exclusive, so that we can ensure that we are constantly using the best ingredients and so that we are truly experts on each individual tea that we stock. From the traditional teas to something a little different, we believe we have something for everyone.

But most of all, we just love tea the way it should be, blended and brewed to perfection.